What is an art gallery as a business or destination? It is more than just a bunch of images nicely displayed in a physical or digital space. It’s more than the definition of the word “gallery”. An art gallery, whether physical or digital, must curate artworks for a specific niche or style. Why for just a specific niche? Because if an art galley displayed all kinds of art, it would be too much!
Check this out: There are 26,700+ artworks matching the phrase “purple mountains”. Each artwork is a different style. That is just too much to look through to find the one that you will like. So, you must go to a gallery that specializes in stuff you like. In large art centers like New York, there are hundreds of galleries. You can find an art gallery that curates work in a style you like. Online however, it seems there are less options??
There needs to be some online techy thing to find artworks in a style you like. Right? I guess individual artists’ websites accomplish that, but then how to find artists’ sites you like? Idk. There is one I’ve found that has a million art works, but all in a similar style which I like:

Art communities

Fine art prints

Individual artists like… Whenever you see a photo you like, anywhere on the internet, look for a caption that mentions the artist’s name. Google it. The artist will usually have a website or account with some art site.


Sculpture / Ceramics (for interior designer professionals buy/sell decor)

All of the above

Read about and enjoy fine-art online... (local to kc)

Pop art...


Sculpture / Ceramics Filter by price (>$50) to see better quality results. Otherwise there will be a lot of sloppy or mass produced trinkets. Of course small, cute, and playful creations are often <$50, and they're very nice. So consider the type of item you’re looking for. In any website actually, it’s very important to filter and search as specific as possible, because there are 10000s of results.

Crypto / Digital - highest quality digital art collection that I’ve seen so far, if you’re into high quality
Image without caption - first and still the largest marketplace, browse many classic pixellated collections
Image without caption
SuperRare - they have better stuff than OpenSea, but their site navigation and search needs help. Most that you can see from the homepage is junk. Instead, click here to see best of their collection. Or click here for an example of a high quality artwork:
Image without caption
Image without caption
Year of the ox - epic digital work, costs 1.3million as of December 2021. Very cool up close!
Image without caption - great digital art in the classic auto generated style (click below to replay) - awesome art. My favorite NFT artist by far! Actually one of my favorite contemporary artists in any genre. (click below to replay)
Also see what’s going on with Solana’s community, and other coins. Each coin capable of smart contracts usually has its own marketplace.


Checkout this podcast channel Actually Interested. They talk about creativity and execution in the modern world, and often talk about NFTs.
For artists
Resources for ceramics artists

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