Technical documentation

🏆 Quest for the holy grail

Trying to find a solution that handles all 3 requirements:
  1. Guide - Searchable written articles and unstructured text content with mixed in images, charts, code snippets, and preferably widgets like flow charts and interactive coding.
  1. API reference - Must be generated from OpenAPI or Postman. Nobody’s got time to write out all the configuration definitions twice (for engineers/computers and again for customers).
  1. Layout must looks great and easy to read, with ability to add custom CSS - Must have: 1) make changes to the documentation website to fit your company’s branding, and 2) hide visual elements and menus if not needed for a less cluttered less intimidating published site.


🏆Best of both — guide and API reference🥭Guides🥭API reference🥭Interactive code snippetsSearchExamplesOther ideas