drop shipping

This is a game changer! Amazon is quickly taking over the global logistics industries. Ocean freight, air freight, trucks, last-mile, warehousing. Probably good to invest in its stock.
For sellers… multi channel fullfilment (MCF) costs more than FBA on Amazon, but you don’t have to pay Amazon’s referral fee. And, with MCF, expedited 2-day shipping still costs less than standard 3-5 day shipping without it! Storage cost is not bad. Much cheaper than having your own warehouse space and handling your own inventory. Pricing
It’s integrated with several ecommerce platforms, with more to come. https://supplychain.amazon.com/integrations#ecommerce-platforms
Only problem is, currently MCF packages are still shipped in Amazon.com branded boxes! In July 2020, Amazon started rolling out the "MCF blank box order fulfillment” option, to ship FBA MCF packages in non-amazon-branded boxes! Q: What packaging does Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders use? A: Most MCF orders ship in Amazon-branded packaging. We are actively working on enabling unbranded packaging for all MCF orders. Keep an eye on this!