Video - Obviously. But beware - some apps are better than others. Roku for example is missing some features. Best way to watch I think is to browse on the computer, in the web browser, and “screen mirror” or AppleTV or Chromecast to watch on the TV. - Twitch is not just for watching gamers in real time. You can actually use it like YouTube or TikTok. Just find an interesting channel and click “Videos”. This channel (babycastles) for example is a small events venue in NYC. They record their live shows on Twitch. I love this. Great mix of web and online. Twitch is a great platform for this. - Great stuff about the natural world and human/political history. It’s great educational videos. Or, those space documentaries that are fun to have on TV in the background. - More relevant and current than Curiosity Stream, but more long-form and educational than YouTube. Best of both. I still prefer YouTube. But the main selling point for Nebula is that it has political content that would be demonetized and suppressed on YouTube, and it’s true. Great way to learn not just about history but current events.
Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Disney+ - HBOMax is my favorite, but they all have something for everyone. - Vimeo is a great platform, but it’s very different from Youtube. It became instead a web publishing platform brands and creators use to host their videos. They then embed the Vimeo videos in their own site or app.

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