for creators

Portraits & Avatars

  • - generate a set of fun profile photos of your face - Magic selfie editing app for iPhone and Android. - Makes very convincing and good looking photos

Logos + graphics

  • - generate an innovative logo for your business, website, app, or game - this one’s better for print media - business cards, postcards, letterhead



QuillBot - Quickly paraphrase any text (no login required. Web page like Google Translate).
  • - is launching an AI writing assistant! As of December 2022 there’s a long waitlist.
  • - Browser extensions make intelligent suggestions to improve your text.
  • - Browser extension that paraphrases your text. Sometimes it’s better than the way you wrote it.
  • ChatGPT - The best (as of December 2022). Not yet available commercially. Free
  • - no programming, easy interface, use AI to rewrite your copy. Product still under development.
  • - paraphrase content, API access, available now, affiliate program


Art + photographs

  • - image enlarger. Take a small, blurry, grainy photo. Make it higher quality.


  • - Speeds up your video editing workflow. Great for Youtube!
  • - Generate and edit videos using their powerful unique app. - Make amazing special effects without a whole team or big budget.




  • - Chat with an AI “person” like you would with an acquaintance in real life. It’s like that movie “Her” where the guy falls in love with his phone assistant (Siri). Haha.

Other resources - Great YouTube channel talking about interesting new AI tools.
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