Watch for the long term

MINA - Seems to be one of the most high tech blockchains, but not ready for mainstream yet. Learn about it on Amazing thing is that it does not require all validators to keep the entire blockchain archive. So, in the future, when everybody is using blockchain, when blockchains carry a ridiculous amount of data and start to get congested, MINA can overtake the more popular coins.
  • currently keeps its blockchain archive data on Google Cloud. When it upgrades this to a decentralized storage architecture, its usage will spike!
  • currently, its transaction speed is very slow. Once it upgrades this, usage will spike!
  • security concerns need to be addressed.
Solana - Its usage and value is already growing very fast, because of the very fast and cheap transactions on this network.
One thing to watch is the size of its blockchain. Each block is huge and is created very frequently! That is how such high transactions per second rate is possible. Solana currently creates a lot more data than other blockchains!