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Innovations for writing:


Word Segmentation - Accurate for a-z, but untested with punctuation or edge cases. Could be better than mine. Anyway, a good read!
Spellcheck - Great read about how to achieve faster results.


This VC claims that in the future computers will be able to do creative things. Then he points to two examples which I did not think are so creative. Just because something is a piece of visual "art" or music, doesn't make it creative. Fine artists do not consider all visual media done by people as "art", because a lot of it is not original or very interesting. So, it is labeled as "craft". Anything "created" by AI is currently just a rearrangement of input data. Same can be said about a lot of human-made content. So, the better question is... what is creativity? This is not just an art student critiquing a machine's work. This is a question of what people's roles will become once AI gets much better (it will get much better sooner than we can imagine). All this is not covered in this video. But it's a good video to start with: