Incompetent people inspire me

Working with incompetent people has really inspired me. If they're able to make a good living in software development, and they're not even very good at it, then someone that is awesome should be able to get rich or at least achieve a basic level of financial independence.
I was actually a very incompetent and at best mediocre web software developer for the first 10 years of my career. My colleagues were so much better than me. Yet, I was still getting paid good money, and lived a great life! There is just so much demand for it! I've now been taking the industry seriously for a few years. In the last 2 years I've gotten much better at programming.
It was then, about 2 years ago, when I started taking programming seriously and working hard to improve, that I even realized just how bad I was, how much I had to learn. It was so humbling, but more inspiring than humbling! I was already able to build some cool things before, except my projects never made it past a very basic proof of concept. At that point the code always got so messy that I gave up. Now that I'm getting better, I feel like I will soon be able to progress beyond building something simple and barely functional - to something that could scale (at least enough to support some users and some additional functionality). I'm realizing that I was always so close to having superpowers - yet, I never knew it. I was always bogged down by thinking that programming is a tedious boring job for boring people, and tried doing exciting things in my spare time. But there is so much potential in programming.
Now, I have not just the vision, but also the hustle. That is the difference. I'm now hustling most evenings and weekends, trying to improve my skills. The better I get - the more inspired I get. With every new technique I learn, with every additional day of practice, I'm able to accomplish more in less time. How much longer will I keep improving? If my skills start to plateau, then at that point may be I'll be ready to break out and build something amazing - but I can't wait until then. I'm constantly trying to build stuff now, approaching each new project as practice.
Maybe one of these times, a project will grow into something. Even if I do finally accomplish something, I will not stop learning. Even if I finally become a good programmer, there will still be so much more to learn - about business, marketing, people. It never stops. I will keep getting more powerful. Each new idea will become more promising, and more fun to build.