Project management

For enterprise - Great product! Simple UI, and plenty of features! Great for collaboration! Might be good for individual or very small teams as well. - Impressive! Many features you won't find in other tools, great design. Includes project management. Replacement for both Jira and Confluence, or Trello and Notion. - Jira / Confluence. The leaders in project management. Jira has many features and integrations. The app can be slow and awkward to use though. If choosing this tool, make sure to do a walk-through, simulate how each employee will actually use this day to day. Having to click through multiple menus to accomplish a little thing multiple times a day can get frustrating and discouraging, and be a drain on productivity. - New alternative to Jira. The UI design still needs refinement, but it gets the job done. They already have many features that even Jira does not have, such as a sprint retrospective board, where you can note things that went well, issues, and improvements. Here’s a nice preview - watch some quick easy video walk-throughs of several use cases: - Trello is awesome! May not have as many features as Jira, but the user interface and experience is so much easier and faster! Your team members can spend time doing their work and being productive instead of spending time each day scrolling, clicking, and forgetting to click certain options then having to find them again (I'm talking about Jira). Trello still has many options, and is good for teams. It's certainly worth a try. If it's not enough, then you can switch to Jira. You've only wasted a little bit of time. But if you go straight to Jira and you don't need every feature, then you will certainly waste a lot of time for many years to come. Trello is now owned by Atlassian, so you can use the same SSO or user accounts as you do with Jira. - UI is not great. It's colorful and pretty, but needs a UI/UX researcher to sort out the layouts and placement. - more free-form, not as structured. A lot of it is like drawing on a whiteboard, including mind maps and notes. Not your typical project management, but it's worth trying!
StandupMonkey - stop wasting time during daily standups! Everybody doesn't need to spend 30 minutes listening to what every other person on the team did. This Standup Monkey seems at first that it would be good for small teams. But actually, it's best for large teams! In small teams, the standup meetings are manageable, quick. In large teams, the daily standups take up a significant portion of the day! Automate it. If somebody is blocked by someone, let them reach out themselves. If you have a project manager, or if you can designate someone on the team to do some project manager duties, then this is perfect. Have them review everybody's "standup" answers every morning. If somebody is blocked or confused, the project manager can facilitate.

Personal - try adding a content type called "Board", as in "Kanban board" - browser extension. Only one simple todo list, but it's pretty! - probably has a task management feature. Idk. They have everything
todoist app - very simple, but not too simple. Effective. Reminders. Tracking.
motion - not project management, but a tool that helps you stay off distracting websites

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