How to make good UI/UX product ???

Convenience for the user. Obviously you’ve gotta design it so your business actually makes money. But that aside, user experience is #1… is amazing! It’s grown so much in terms of community, users, and valuation, because of its great UI/UX. It’s inspiring.
When I add a note to my Notion however, it’s still too slow, cumbersome, and frustrating.
I have to:
  1. Open the app on my device (same as anything, nothing can be done about that)
  1. Find the right project (Techy Tools, Paul Shorey, Accounts, Biz Dev, Web Dev, To Do)
  1. Scroll to find the right page in my notes, click to open it.
  1. Then scroll to find the right sub-page inside that, click to open it.
  1. Scroll to the find the right place in that page where I want to add/edit my note.
It is great UI otherwise, and no save button! And they do have a great search feature. But, with unstructured long-form content, unlike a true content management, it’s not so straightforward to find the right place in the notes. If I already know where in the navigation to look, then it’s easier to just click/scroll.
How would I rather add content? Intelligent search can save 2 out of 5 steps:
  1. Open the app on my device
  1. Type what I’m looking for into the search which is always visible and enabled, ready to be typed into without first clicking some search icon or opening some menu.
  1. The search results would be sorted intelligently. Scroll through only one list. Clicking the search result would open the exact piece of content, ready to add/edit.
    1. exact matches in article title
    2. exact matches in tags/categories
    3. synonym/alternative matches in title
    4. synonym/alternative matches in tags/categories
    5. exact matches in full-text description
    6. synonym/alternative matches in full-text description
Will have to play with the order of search results, and technical limitations. But something like this. BTW, tags/categories should be treated as pieces of content. So they’ll show up in search results just as well as posts/pages/snippets/quotes/etc. So then if I want to add something to a category, I can click the category from the main search, without having to use a different search tool to find the category vs content.