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Looks like Notion.so but as a mind map! It lets you organize your notes into a mind-map flow chart, with arrows, to show progression. Add many different types of notes. Organize them on the screen next to each other in rows or columns, or organically, however makes sense for whatever concepts you’re illustrating. Also has a web content clipper browser extension.
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It’s a notebook for writing and content editing. But the UI/UX is so good! It’s much better than any other writing tool. So, people are using it as a personal knowledge base and documentation, a mind-map, a personal organizer, personal homepage dashboards, project management, todos.
It even supports enterprise features like real-time collaboration and commenting by team mates.
In fact, this site you’re reading was written in Notion.
Best part about it is it’s got an API for developers to build with content hosted by Notion. So, you can build your own app or integration for it. And there are many services and apps available to visualize or publish your Notion content. For example, Notaku.so.

Here are a directory of resources to get the most out of Notion:

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