better search

Google is great, but would be much better after some simple tweaks...

Ignore 10 year old results:

Set a default date range for all searches. (past year, month, 2 years, 2 months, etc...)
Google Search default date range

Increase number of search results:

from the default 10 to your choice of 100, 50, 20, etc. Add URL parameter &num=100 to the Google search URL. How to do that automatically for every search? See google search default

Block useless sites:

uBlocker browser extension lets you block certain domains from appearing in your search results! There are some useless sites that keep coming up in Google. Block them. Pinterest is great, but it comes too often. If I wanted to do an image search in Pinterest, and requires a multistep login process to see the image, I would just go there directly, not search through Google. Block it.
ignore sites
Infinite Scroll for Google
Straight to Full Size for Google Images