Google Search default date range

Google Search lets you specify the date range of results. You can search only pages that have been written in the past year, month, days, few years, etc. However, you have to open up menus every time to do this. Google does not remember your preference. Too much clicking.

Search timeframe by default:

  1. Browser settings
  1. Manage Search Engines
  1. Add a new search engine with this url: The qdr:y2 means to search in only the past 2 years. Google more about this to find the codes for month/day. For 1 year do qdr:y1. While we're at it, the &num=100 increases the number of search results from the default 10 to 100. Change this number if you want.
  1. Set it as default
Now, at least when searching from the browser address bar, the Google search will be limited to recent content by default. You can easily change it anytime. The setting will now appear easy-access, just below the search input.

Number of search results:

If you want to keep the default date range unchanged, but just get more results (100 instead of 10), follow the above instructions but use this search url: Change 100 to whatever number of results you want to see.