a feature of Trends that sometimes get missed: our databases.
  • Shopify database: For the biz operator, we identified the top 1000 Shopify sites and pulled all of the info you need on each, including the top tools they use. Ever heard of Yotpo, Mandrill, or JustUno? All three are used by more than 10% of these stores.
  • Startup funding database: For the investor, we started to pull all of the startups receiving funding every single week, by industry and location.
If those don’t strike your fancy, we’ve got four other databases to help business owners navigate these difficult times.
  • Kickstarter database: Our community helped pull 2400 Kickstarter projects and associated data, like how much they raised and how many backers they have, by category.
  • Recession database: A compilation of over 100 businesses and how they navigated the great recession.
  • Making sense of the Inc5000: We pulled the entire Inc5000 list and identified which cities were most innovative, alongside trends we noticed among these hyper-growth companies.