trading tools - excellent easy service - get notification about new ICOs, or if your coin goes above/below a certain threshold that you set - very useful interface - view multiple charts side by side in one page - Monitor the chart of any coin, and some stocks. Excellent trading view for technical analysis. You don't have to be logged in to use the charts. - Unfortunately, influencers (like ElonMusk) move the market a lot! - get alerts about latest news as Google gets them, by keyword ("SEC Ripple" for example) - NOT a great source. It's mostly people screaming BUY/HODL about the coins that they themselves own. Not usually a reliable way to understand real world sentiment. However, it's a good place to learn about the underlying technology or upcoming projects.

News sites (aggregators) - easy to read, nice easy summary of the latest few stories (no repeats) - a huge amount of content. Filter news by coin, see chart next to headlines - for the nerds - build your own app, or integrate this with some other tools

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