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They've gotten very good. You can make engaging and responsive sites without coding. However, each one has limitations. Each builder has different layouts and features which may or may not fit your business perfectly.
Framer - for a simple but nice landing page - Great designs/typography - Meant for designers, but could be used by anyone wanting to publish a simple beautiful website with photo galleries, carousels, and pleasant to read text articles. - Great for SaaS or any startup. This is really really promising. Easy and powerful! Currently rebuilding a site with it. Graphics aren't as flashy as some ( Templates are not as quick to get started as others ( For a business development or engineering type product and audience though, it seems to be the best option. - Very new and interesting concept. High quality! Minimal. Try it. - Looks like it.could be the best !!! But I haven't tried it.
Neil Patel, marketing guru, explains the top few: Wix, Weebly, Shopify, WordPress.
Another one that must be considered is SquareSpace. It was the original professional level builder, and is still the leading brand. It's very powerful and makes very professional and impressive websites. It does have e-commerce features like Shopify, and it lets you embed videos and photo galleries. It's simple, and easy to use. You can start with a simple one page site, the kind where a navigation link scrolls to a different section down the page. Then you can add more pages or more sections whenever you have time. Example:
Another one to consider is Ionos. It lets you drag and drop anything, customize styles for any element, and even include your own HTML snippets. So, you're able to tweak and style every detail of the site. That might be important for your branding! Unfortunately, it does not handle multimedia as well, and the interface is not as streamlined.
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