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Top channels for new software startups

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google...

However, it's much much easier to appear in YouTube results than in Google results!
  1. I need to get on YouTube if I want to gain exposure for my business!
  1. What other non-traditional "search engines" are there?
    1. Well, there's social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    2. is already a popular visual (image) search engine.
    3. Quora is awesome and usually ranks highly in Google! (any others like it?)
    4. (behind paywall, but there are probably alternatives)
    5. Thousands of blogs, sites, and news sites (like Substack) all show recommended articles similar to the one the person is reading. This is actually a type of search, because it is related to the original thing the person searched. This is usually a popularity contest, but not as much as with social media.
    6. LinkedIn does a search of public content by all members. Unfortunately, it is a popularity contest, and probably not worth the trouble unless you are very active on their network.

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