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“It’s absolutely tragic that one of the most popular channels in America is now a home for what I see is bluntly un-American propaganda that’s making Putin’s bidding ... It’s not surprising that these statements mainly from Tucker Carlson are regularly being presented on Russian television“. A little back-story. Russia does not have free speech or free press. TV channels are either run by the government, or heavily censored. So if you are a fan of Fox News and Tucker Carlson, but consider yourself pro-democracy and freedom, this should make you worried.
“America first!” is what the people were saying at the start of WWII who sympathized with Hitler. “It couldn’t be more obvious that there’s a parallel, because it’s not just about the name, it’s about the principle. They have their doubts about democracy. They believe in authoritarianism as a way to solve problems and that’s why they showed sympathies to Nazies in Germany in the late 30s early 40s and now they are not shy demonstrating their sympathies toward Putin and his criminal regime.”
“Putin did absolutely everything to secure Trump’s election” because Trump would “weaken European and American solidarity.
“Putin success in Ukraine, even partial, would encourage China to attack Taiwan. ... China’s invasion of Taiwan could disrupt the world order on an even bigger scale.” This is not about Ukraine, though Ukraine is paying the price right now.
How Ukraine’s Orange Revolution shaped twenty-first century geopoliticsMaidan Revolution