First of all, it’s weird how the meaning of the word “liberal” changed in USA. In the rest of the world, liberal simply means democracy, free-speech, free-media, all of which are talking points of both US parties. Aside from talking about election fraud or voter disenfranchisement (fascism), let’s just stick to “progressive”, a word less muddled. The word “conservative” has changed to mean “go back to policies and culture of the last century” instead of “keep things the same as they already are”. This is because Republicans are unhappy with the political developments of the past 30 years.
On this page are a couple great unknown sources of news and arguments from each side. Need to figure out how to merge the two. Internet comments on posts and articles turn into a popularity contest. Conservative authors have more conservative followers and thus supporting comments. Liberal posts get more liberal supporting comments. It all just creates more confirmation bias, which is the problem with modern politics. Also there is just too much info out there. You can find plenty of bad things about both parties. Try to look for the good!
Please be careful about getting passionate and hateful. Your side does it too. Everybody is fearful of losing their rights. Talk radio like Rush Limbaugh and Fox news evening hosts made lucrative careers out of scaring and provoking people, exaggerating to ignite anger, finding the worst examples from the other side and making it seem like the norm. The liberal media also seems most interested in outraging people to make money, not being objective. We need a good objective source.
Scroll down for Conservative vs Liberal arguments, side by side, in context to each other!
The main problem in America is people do not seek out opposing arguments. People are stuck fighting for their tribe. Do not read only from one political side. Instead, search to find out what exactly happened and why! Read what the other side is doing well. Read what your side is doing wrong. People on both sides seem to want a good life for everyone. Republicans are more focused on 1) welfare of their own family and 2) prosperity and economy in USA. Democrats are trying to help the disadvantaged people in USA, and to not ruin the earth.


whathappened.com - Very powerful and well made list from the conservative perspective. Navigate by topic or chronologically. Here are the best highlights. Many good points. Many are oversimplified, especially about race. Many are interesting arguments not talked about by either progressive or conservative media sources. Most (but not all) statements that I’ve read and checked are indeed factual. Many are opinions and exaggeration.
There is still a lot misinformation, alarmism, and victim blaming. For example, “Jan 28, 2022 ~ Silvio Canto, Jr., 'What happened to reading in Baltimore public schools?' Its so bad that a student with a 0.13 GPA "ranked 62 of 120 in his class." "passed three classes in four years!" About half of the 8th graders can't read. And Dems want to be in charge of the country... [BaltimoreEducation]”. It’s actually because of Republican’s “no child left behind” law, struggling poor inner-city schools are forced to pass dumb kids. Otherwise, they will be defunded. They should receive more funding, to hire more and better teachers, to have more and better after school programs.
However, this resource is insightful because it does talk bring up many issues and concerns:
  • a transgender woman winning a race, then the 2nd place woman suspended for raising awareness that she actually had to race against a biological male
  • some good things Trump said and did
theepochtimes.com - Not than just another conservative opinion site, this one is more respected, and also provides world news and lifestyle news. It offers a conservative perspective on many popular news stories.


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Conservative vs Progressive

protesters burned American flags near the White House on Saturday and chanted, “Slavery, genocide, and war” and "America was never great”, moments after President Trump finished delivering a speech at the "Salute to America" Independence Day celebration.
America was never great for black people. They couldn’t even get a mortgage loan until 1971. It is much better now, but still work to be done. Black people still regularly get discriminated against. However, black people do have higher crime rates, especially violent crime and theft, but that is mostly in the tough streets of the urban inner cities. Non-black people have a right to be protective of themselves and their businesses, but they should remember to not be paranoid when a polite black person comes in to their suburban shop. Most black people are honest and good. Non-blacks are afraid of African American way of speaking and body language. Black people often remark to themselves that they have to “act white” so people wouldn’t be afraid of them.
Also, America did start and get involved with many unnecessary wars, conflicts, and coups.