“Headless” CMS

Scrivito - $2000/mo plus $100/mo per user - has user permissions and many features
Wordpress - has a headless API, very cheap. It’s NOT reliable, and no custom content types
Must have:
  • Multiple content types - ability to create multiple content types, each one with many different types of fields.
  • An intuitive and fast user interface. Powerful features are only useful if people actually use them. We’ll need to have several very very busy non-technical team members work with this CMS. Using the app should not be too confusing or time consuming. We do not need to be wasting time and getting frustrated with every change. I don’t want to search for buttons, open menus, click multiple things when just adding a simple item! App controls should be easy to find. I want the “save + publish” to be one button, preferably with a keyboard shortcut. After editing one item, I want to click only one button to start adding another item.
Nice to haves:
  • Cloudinary integration would be perfect. Need: a CDN, and instant image resizing, cropping, and formatting on the fly, in the URL. If a CMS does not have this, it may be ok if using a self-hosted platform, because for $20/month, Cloudflare now offers image resizing and formatting controls for images by modifying the URL just like Cloudinary. They don’t have as many features, but enough. This will only work though if the images are hosted on the same domain as the site. - HOWEVER - NextJS hosted on Vercel will now do image edge hosting and url requested transformations just like Cloudinary.
  • Easily write a plugin, in NodeJS, to intercept the data as its being saved, and modify it to do additional processing. When saving a website for example, I want to crawl that website and get the metadata and screenshot. When saving a photo, I want to upload that photo to Cloudinary and record the new URL in the object being saved
  • Would be nice if it integrated with an e-commerce solution, especially one that works with Amazon FBA MCF
  • Full-text search, ILIKE search


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