Host it yourself

These first few are available as a quick to set up service, where you don’t actually setup or program anything, just sign up for an account. But still, technically, they create a hosting account for you with your own individual server and database. That’s still much more intense than the fully software-as-a-service platforms such as Contentful.


Very powerful and useful project! Read more:
Directus CMS


It’s popular. But you must host yourself even to just try it out. had the older v3 version. Tried to install newer version on my computer, but it doesn’t work on Mac Monterey. Installing on Linux server. Didn’t work for the same reason. Node 16 is too new? Idk. Do we even have DevOps and BackEnd resources to manage this?


Looks similar to Install on your own server. Or on 3rd party service Unfortunately, was not functional, so will have to set up my server and install it. Meh.
Setup intantly right from their website. They’ll set up a new repository for you on your Github, then host both your CMS app and website in Netlify or Vercel.
You’ll then be able to control all the front-end code for your site and even the CMS app!
It will manage your images, serve from CDN, and resize them on the fly, without you having to setup or program anything! It’s very popular because of such power. Also, it’s totally free for individuals, and cheap enough for teams!
The CMS app is very basic and bare. I wouldn’t want to use it as is. Even Wordpress is better. It’s pretty slow considering how simple their UI is. Maybe if I re-develop the UI.
Looks like a great alternative to Wordpress. Does not have as many plugins or community options and customizations as Wordpress.