Bubble may still be the best. Seems like it supports real-code, in conjunction with no-code.
  • Appian enables developers to rapidly build solutions for enterprise business needs, such as defining applications that support a customer journey, optimize business operations, and enforce compliance with policies and regulations. Ryder used Appian to develop a mobile-first reservation system and cut down time-to-transaction in half. Bayer integrated multiple back-end systems for clinical trials and automated processes to reduce reporting time from hours to minutes.
  • Boomi Flow caters to automation use cases, mobile applications, embedded workflows, and organizational collaboration. Trucking services company AM Transport used Boomi to reduce electronic data interchange (EDI) costs by 50% by ingesting and analyzing data from Salesforce, ERP systems, and multiple transportation management systems. Universities such as CornellUniversity of Sussex, and Flinders University use Boomi to integrate across multiple platforms, update virtual learning environments, and streamline onboarding.
  • Caspio helps businesses build custom applications by optimizing customer experiences and internal workflows. Tennessee Department of Health built an IT asset management system that monitors 20,000 state assets. J-W Power, operator of the largest compressed natural gas fleet in the US, deployed custom portals, intranets, and over a dozen IT/operations applications.
  • Mendix excels in use cases that would traditionally require a wide range of technical and business expertise, including customer-facing applications, mobile experiences, and replacements for shadow IT. Rabobank delivered an improved, consumer-facing, digital customer experience with Mendix that also reduced IT costs by 50%. Zurich Insurance Group rapidly developed FaceQuote that provides prospective life insurance quotes by soliciting a selfie.

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