my ideas

Better Popup Blocker

When you load each new site, my web extension will auto-close any annoying popups and banners. Allow cookies, notifications, terms of service, popup advertisements...
  1. Maintain a list of HTML elements to click on, or to hide (the problem with this is that it will not work for most sites)
  1. For each new site, record first 10 seconds of interactions (click HTML element, Enter, Escape). When coming back to the site, replay those interactions.

Better Email

  1. We all get too many emails from too many sources, about too many categories, sometimes in multiple accounts. Regular email client like Gmail can not keep up. It's a mess. There's got to be a better way to organize, categorize.
  1. Would be nice to get automated updates and new content updates (most of them work by sending emails), but email is already cluttered. It must be funneled into a specific category and archived (or deleted to make it temporary, purged after 30 days), to be checked later.

Potentially great solution...

Create a mail forwarding service where you can use a BEM like syntax to categorize email at the time when giving out emails. It would categorize incoming emails not by their address/subject, but by your own category that is part of the email address you gave them. Instead of using for all subscriptions, notifications, updates and communications, use,,,,,, etc. and keep using only for important personal communications. It's like having multiple email accounts, but without having to do the manual work to create each one and then set up complicated forwarding and categorizing rules for each one.

Better Search

  • Google is powerful, but often returns old stale repetitive content. Bing and others are not capable and powerful enough. Would be nice to
      1. Tweaks Google settings, and filter the results to make it more useful.
      1. Then, see if modified Google is perfect and awesome and accurate. If not, maybe it can be further improved by mixing in results from Bing and other sources!