vs Market Research

It’s just an interesting website in general. https://www.relevantinsights.com/research-tools/calculators/

For a company to succeed, what is more important?

UX or Market research? Is UX research important at all? If you get the right product-market fit, then is a good app UI even very important?

For small companies, early startups, yes!

User experience (customer experience) is very important to start out. You have to distinguish your product, get initial customers and sales by being better than the rest!

For large companies like Apple/Amazon/Google/Facebook:

I see apps and websites often optimizing for profit and sales, and not at all for the benefit of user. If your visitors/users will come regardless of the quality of their experience, then there is no need to optimize your user experience. Right? You’re not running a charity. That’s what conglomerates think. When a company gets big and successful enough, a monopoly, it does not need to optimize for user experience. It just needs to do the bare minimum to keep the customers from getting extremely annoyed and frustrated. Mostly, they start focusing on how to coerce (control) the user into making them more money.