“Easily combine CMS and Ecommerce content to create compelling stories around your products, and pages with true call-to-action capabilities.”
Includes a full-featured Headless CMS like Contentful, plus many e-commerce features to manage your products and inventory. Includes A/B testing tools! Supports Cloudinary image management. 🙂 Don’t know about the price. Looks expensive!


It’s a CMS for e-commerce products. Not to build a website, but to manage your inventory. Mange your products in one place. Sell them on many platforms.


Like Comestri, but more established. Has been around for a while. Manage your products, prices, and inventory. Not recommended for building a modern content website. Instead, use a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal, and get the Magento plugin. Or build your own using a headless system, and integrate Magento “headless commerce” for the e-commerce parts.
For enterprise, large online stores.

Interesting projects - headless commerce, for web apps, or SSR React/Vue sites - for ambitious artists, or galleries wanting to have an online presence