Previous Tab = open the previously viewed tab
You’ll be able to press a key to go back to the last tab you were looking at. There is no such functionality built in to the web browser. It’s not just navigate to the left/right tab, or reopen previously closed tab. This is to view the last tab you were on. If you have many tabs open, or if you’re a power user, this is essential!
Default key is “Ctrl+Q”, but if you navigate to “chrome://extensions/shortcuts” or “edge://extensions/shortcuts” on Edge, you can change this. I like to use “Cmd + E”.
Cmd+W = close current tab
Cmd+Shift+T = open previously closed tab
Cmd+R = refresh current tab
Cmd+Shift+R = refresh current tab, and reload all cached files (images, scripts, styles)
Cmd+F = find a word on current page