make them stop

Why you see all those annoying "allow cookies" banners? How to make them stop?
Get the “I don’t care about cookies” browser extension. It will hide all those annoying banners.
Online advertisements are annoying, but the really bad ones are just the ones that pop over webpage content, in your face, blocking the text you're trying to read. Ads on the side are really not so bad.
  1. Use to disable just the intrusive in-your-face ones. This way, you won't get blocked by websites who hide content for people surfing with ad-blockers.
  1. Advertisements show you stuff you've recently shopped for. So, use two different web browsers or accounts - one for shopping, and another one for reading and doing work. In the one you use for reading and working, visit some websites selling fine-art, posters, and beautiful fun things (,,, nature/hiking equipment startups). This way, online ads will show you beautiful art instead of annoying products.

Sign in with Google

Big notification in the top right corner of some websites, blocking the page content, prompting you to "sign-in with google". Make it stop!
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