See also:

  • getradar.co - Browser extension lets you follow any API. Crypto, stocks, data, your own APIs

Login/authentication and subscription billing:

  • stytch.com - The best API I’ve found so far for login/registration/user authentication.
  • userbase.com - Simple alternative to Stytch. Not as advanced. Limited features.
  • pabbly.com - Very powerful, very many features. Sadly, it does not include login/registration. But when combined with something like Stytch or UserBase or your own authentication, this should be able to handle any need!

Web Scraping:

  • browse.ai - I haven’t tried it, but it looks really great! Use their pre-built bots, or write your own.

    Website info, preview, screenshot:

    https://www.savepage.io/ - screenshot of any URL, site or app (500k for $25)
    https://www.linkpreview.net/ - site info - thumbnail, favicon, title, description, etc.
    https://scrapfly.io/pricing - or program your own service with Puppeteer/Playwright


    https://www.getping.info/documentation/ - Very cool (free?) service to send yourself an email or Slack message when something happens on your server, website, or any script in any language. 0 9 * * * /path/to/task.sh && curl https://api.getping.info/QvpXmD/task_executed or <img src="https://api.getping.info/QvpXmD/seen">