Easiest Cloud DB

Relational (basic) - 🖼️ Includes media storage! AirTable the easiest thing to get started with! The full-text search and query by slug are not as good as real DBs, but will do in a hurry. https://airtable.com/appgsvaMouPWU16xb/api/docs#curl/table:job:list
GraphQL - 🖼️ Includes media storage! HyGraph is very easy and has great features. But, it’s expensive for > 1000 items.
NoSQL (pro) - No media storage, well, unless you want to encode to Binary64. Atlas is very good! And cheap.
Caching - No media storage. If always caching from the same back-end server, use Redis. But if sometimes you’ll need to cache from the client, then use CloudFlare workers KV. It’s very easy to set up, and very performant from anywhere in the world.