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"A good architecture comes from understanding it more as a journey than as a destination, more as an ongoing process of enquiry than as a frozen artifact." -- Kevlin Henney
"The book starts with 3 myths we developers live in: 1. Myth: We just need to get to market first and we clean it up later. 2. Myth: Messy code makes us faster today and slows us later. ... (making messes is always slower, even in very short term as shown in example of a simple kata in the book) 3. Myth: Starting from scratch is a solution." - Amazon review
"Clean Architecture is basically one idea repeated over and over for 30 chapters. The idea is that the business logic should be self-contained. It should not depend on the database or sockets or frameworks or GUI. It is a really, really good idea, and it is not easy to actually follow." - Amazon review

Premature optimization