Directus CMS

Very powerful and interesting project! Both online-service and self-hosted.
  • Shows image thumbnails in the lists of content items. None of the others do that.
  • Creating a field, choose from very many content types, with powerful settings. Create an “autocomplete” field that you can connect to an API, to return a list of suggestions. Create a “map” field, then display the list of items plotted on the geographic map. Very cool stuff! Select just a color or an icon. Many different field content choices!
  • Powerfully simple UI. Takes a bit of getting used to, but then it’s very easy to navigate complex options.
  • When uploading images to a content type, you can actually choose which media library folder the image will go into. You can force this when creating the content type, and not choose each time. Same for files. Other CMSs just throw all files into the root folder.
  • How to do image optimization, resizing, transformations? Cloudinary and Agility provide integration with Contentful. CosmicJS provides its own service. This is a must have.
This is an open-source project. Can be self hosted. The online SAAS product is relatively new.
Otherwise, it may be possibl

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