Community Content

Creating a shared-knowledge base.

Would be great to run this as a Wiki

and let everyone openly contribute content. Unfortunately, that would not work for 3 reasons:
  1. New content needs to be moderated. I'm sure the links, resources, and ideas YOU submit would be AWESOME, but I can't trust everyone on the web. Some people would not put content in the right place. Some content is not good enough, or not written well enough. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, there is a problem in the internet with spamming. If it was an open platform, then it would receive more shameless sales and promotional submissions than real useful content. CAPTCHA will not work, because it's mostly done by real people that website owners find and hire through freelance sites like Fiver.
  1. The structure, format, and even the wording of content on this site must fit into a certain structure, and meet a certain standard of quality. All content must be short and packed with information, yet be easy to read and scroll through. There is always a balance between long-form and short-form content. There must be a balance of images/videos and text. Etc. It must all be written in a consistent way, so the entire site is easy to navigate and to read.
  1. The format of the site itself has to be custom and innovative. As of now, there is just not an affordable community-content-management framework that makes it easy to create and manage a custom community. Sites like Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow have a software development team to build it from scratch. What makes this site different from those, is that it can be browsed. The others have to be searched, because while browsing it you would have to go through a lot of irrelevant nonsense.