What we are not

Websites below are terrible. Why? Because they claim to do something, but do not deliver.
Cuspera is a site that makes an AI solution to help you run your business - to help you manage your software. Their AI will tell you if the software you're currently using could be improved, consolidated, or if you could benefit from some new software. Sounds great. But...
Their blog content is run very much like Techy.tools - long-form article text, then links to resources (software). It fails with both. The writing is long and not very useful - mostly just to get themselves SEO placement to the top of Google results (it worked, I found them). The suggested resources/software are not good quality, and mis-categorized, mis-labeled. Based on a small sample of their suggestions at the bottom of their blog articles, I would definitely not pay for their AI service, and would not spend more of my time with their site or service.
Why am I annoyed at them? It's because they have a similar business model as Techy.tools, but make it look bad. It's embarrassing.