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This site is created and curated by Paul ShoreyIndie hacker with 12 yrs web dev experience

Techy.Tools is a community driven knowledge base:

Please help me out. Please send a quick message below if you know of any good useful service, if you know any good resource that might help people. I'm transitioning this into a community site, but for now everything is manually added. If you know how to easily manage content communally, or if you have any other advice, please send me a message. Thank you!
Looking for partners. Currently, this content is managed by me in Notion.so and Airtable.com (both amazing tools). If you'd like to add content regularly, I can make you an equal partner, so you can edit any part of this site, and co-own this project with me. Contact me - Paul Shorey

Business model:

Affiliate marketing. Many websites and blogs have so much potential, but lack substance, because they only write about brands and services that they're partnered with. We're not like that. All content here is unbiased, uncorrupted. We only put in affiliate marketing links to the already added content. We do not add content just because we're affiliated with the business. That would make bad content.
We do not ignore a great resource just because we can't monetize it. That is not right. There is too much useless content out there already.
All content here is authentic, useful, and honest. The number one goal of techy.tools is to collect all the great resources from around the web, all the best companies and services, to make a directory that people can rely on.
Then, we go through each featured service, and check if it has an affiliate program. If it does, we sign up and add our affiliate ID to the link. It does not change the price for the end user. Sometimes it actually lowers the price, because while looking for affiliate programs for us, we also look for discount codes and deals for our users.
Affiliate marketing, done in this honest unbiased way, is not very profitable. But that's OK. This is a very efficient operation, run by mainly just one person. It is just getting started, but will probably generate some decent income if this site becomes popular.
So is this a directory or a blog? It's the best of both. This is a unique resource.

Future plans:

We also run besta.domains, a domain name and business name generator and search service. It's featured in a couple places on this site (not because we made it, but because it's the best). That is also mostly affiliate marketing, plus a freemium API. Also a very humble little operation.
In development are a couple similar tools for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and developers. They will probably be more of a monthly subscription SaaS model.
Looking for other ideas. Let's work together! Let's start something together! Please, do not hesitate to chat. I'd love to speak with you.

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Paul ShoreyIndie hacker with 12 yrs web dev experience
linkedin: paul.shorey facebook: paul.shorey instagram: paul.shorey
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