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If you know what you’re looking for, great! Just search Google or others. Read our guide: how to make web searching more productive and less annoying.
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Design inspirations - Not at all like this, but is a great inspiration for a potential design of I like the techy/nerdy dotted notepad background, and the the slideshow text, buttons, inputs, graphic placeholder. Also, monetization by selling APIs. - Really like this whole site. Organizes content into sections: blog / guides / showcase. I imagine could have a similar structure: tools / guides / blog. Tools will be a list of resources that you can filter by multiple tags, sort, and search. Guides will be long-form content like tutorials, multi-page articles that contain links to child articles (or maybe organize child content as a show/hide accordion UI). And blog would probably be be called “latest” or something, a list of guide articles and tools/products, sorted by date modified.
SaaS Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals - SaaS Firesale - why am I not into this? It's random bunch of stuff. I can't filter or sort or look by category, and at a glance I can't get an idea of what each service is about or how it's relevant to me. It's just a bunch of thumbnails and titles from each website. But marketing copy is usually generic and uninformative
A collection of resources - products, apps, sites, tips, tricks, and tutorials - to help you get the most out of life, save time, make money, be creative.
Many of the links and resources here are geared towards online entrepreneurship. Written by Paul Shorey. Hoping to turn this site into a community shared knowledge base, but without losing the high quality of curated content.
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