See what people are upto right now. It's a type of social network through following each others' blogs.
This is a decentralized community of mostly tech and academia professionals, but all seem like genuine and interesting people. This initiative encourages people to make a blog or webpage and update it with what they are doing at the moment. This gives me an idea. Facebook/twitter/instagram are centralized - they control exactly how your content is seen by others, and they sometimes even decide if it can be seen by others at all (for better or worse is a different discussion). If you make your profile on your own website, then you own and control it. You decide how to style and present your own content. How to make this social? Idk. Will have to think about it. is very distant. It's not actually interactive. Still, it does have the feeling of community of a social network, just at a much slower pace. It's like going back to old fashioned snail mail, but there's something wonderful about a slower pace and more infrequent but thoughtful updates.