coins to watch

  • Ripple (XRP) to be adopted by banks for international transfers !?
  • Stellar lumens (XLM) ... very very similar, looks promising, might take off
  • OmiseGO (OMG) ...
  • Nano (NANO) ...
There are still some low priced coins MHC ,Meta Hash coin .... BTT , BitTorrent .....and Hot , Holo Chaín ...there should still be some upside for them .
litecoin - cheap way to extract money to/from exchanges
solana - solanium exchange and ecosystem will be launching soon
polkadot - new developments will be announced soon
matic - already has many platforms and nfts running on it
ADA - good blockchain, coin going up
EOS - good blockchain, coin going very much up
Comparison of transaction speed/price:
Solana and Polygon can provide as much utility as Ethereum, but they are priced much much lower. So, maybe investors will catch up to them, when they are added to mainstream platforms?!