The problem these days is that we use email for everything. We get our content updates, newsletters, daily and weekly news digests, and lots of junk to our email. If you're organized, you've probably created multple email accounts, each one organizing incoming mail into different labels, by category, by topic. But even with all that, Email clients do not present so much information in a format which is easy to read. They present the content in an Email format - your Inbox and other labels as separate pages, without options to sort or show/hide content. It's a mess of content, which you have to sift through daily. It happened so gradually, that you probably don't even see the problem.
But there is a better way. A website, a portal, a directory, you can go to to see all your content, with recently updated content at the top, grouped by category, in a hierarchy, easy to browse.
... need mockups, designs ...

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