Hope you're not still struggling with this... It's impossible to remember different passwords for different sites. How many times have you had to "reset your password"?
Just use a password manager. It must be a good one that is easy to use - so you will actually use it. It must work on mobile browsers also! I use Keeper. It's great. It works well on major browsers, easy to login to, and has good simple UI. Others are fine, but some don't work on mobile browsers, so be careful!
My Google Chrome password manager broke. It keeps suggesting to me passwords which are wrong. It's so annoying. I can't turn it off. What's worse - even when I use a password manager, Chrome still shows the auto-suggest popup over the login form. I need to research and follow some complicated steps to wipe out all cached files on all my desktop and mobile devices. I'd rather just use a new browser. Opera is great.
Chrome for mobile does not support browser extensions! That's lame. Combined with the password problem, this prompted me to use a different browser. Opera Mini on Android. It's fast, has ad blocker, and supports chrome extensions.
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Keeper or Opera. I just enjoy using them.